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The primary mission of the NCPOA is to award scholarships to students enrolled in the Criminal Justice Program during their junior or senior year at California State University, Sacramento.

Scholarship awards include the following
 honoring those who have served with distinction in law enforcement

Cal Florence - Criminal Justice Scholarship Award
Leo Hertoghe - Criminal Justice Scholarship Award
Gerald D. Wolcott - Criminal Justice Scholarship Award

Paul B. Weston - Criminal Justice Scholarship Award
Michael Greene - Memorial Scholarship Award
Val Kobza - Criminal Justice Scholarship Award
Sheriff Jim Cameron - Criminal Justice Scholarship Award
Bruce Verhoeven - Memorial Scholarship Award

In addition to scholarships awarded by NCPOA, there are additional scholarships financed by individuals and groups that are in memory of or in honor of certain individuals that have made a significant contribution to public safety, law enforcement or the field of criminal justice.

The scholarships are awarded for the fall and spring terms. Applications may be obtained from the Criminal Justice Department at the University or below.

Application period opens in September and all applications must be submitted in October. Interviews will be conducted in late October or early November. Scholarships are awarded at the March NCPOA Luncheon in Sacramento.

Donations to the NCPOA Scholarship Fund are greatly appreciated. The NCPOA Scholarship Fund is a registered 501 (c)( 3) public charity and donations to the Fund are fully tax deductible. Tax ID # 27-4822850

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